Where Is The Bailout For The Food Banks?

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Isn’t it amazing that while the government is handing out money hand over fist to the car companies and the big dollar corporations that have all gotten themselves into trouble, yet I don’t hear the words “bailout” and “food banks” in the same sentence?  How does our government justify that?  Americans are going without food.  Americans are going without homes.  And the government is giving millions of dollars to Corporate America and giving the public some tax breaks on next years taxes.  That is all very nice and I commend them for their efforts but what about the small businesses?  What about social security upgrades and fixing the mess that disability is in with most people that apply being denied?  What about helping out the people that volunteer their time and money helping other people eat?  I want to read about that bailout!  Read more here…

–Ray Reggie–

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