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Peanut Butter Recalls Effect Food Banks

Like food banks don't have enough hurdles to jump over to keep themselves going to feed the needy, now we can add in all the peanut butter recalls we are facing.  Peanut butter is a common staple at food banks and that isn't even taking into consideration the various other ...
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Energy Drinks Are Killing Our Children

Some people may wonder why food banks try to dispense food that is as healthy as possible.  You don't get soda and junk food from a food bank, thankfully.  Just good ole fashioned health food like fruits and vegetables.  When your kids ask why, show them what things like energy ...
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Get Ready For Fat Tuesday

Well, Mardi Gras is finally here and they are predicting that this year will be the biggest since Katrina.  That is wonderful news for the New Orleans spirit not too mention the economy.   Most people know a little bit about Mardi Gras, like that it is one big party with ...
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Contaminated Foods Can Be Kept Secret

Well, this is certainly an interesting little tidbit.  Did you know that it is perfectly legal for companies that produce and manufacture food products to keep their test results done on their products a secret?  Even the state inspectors can withhold the information.  They are not required by Federal law ...
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Food Banks Begin Growing Their Own Foods

Kudos to this food bank for realizing before it’s too late that we as a country have a problem and it is going to get worse before it gets better.  Some food banks are already feeling the squeeze of not having nearly enough food to keep going.  They are running ...
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Food Brings New Orleans Together

One of the main things that originally brought people to the fine city of New Orleans was the food.  Since the devastation of Katrina, many local businesses including restaurants were destroyed.  But the rebuilding and reopening of these fine establishments are part of the reason that New Orleans will never ...
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Judging… As told by Ray Reggie

I learned a valuable lesson one day at JTRA, the food bank that is near and dear to my heart.  I witnessed a lady drive up in a very expensive/luxury Sport Utility vehicle.  I asked the Executive Director of the food bank, “Why is that lady that is driving a ...
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