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Helping feed the needy of New Orleans one person at a time

Garden & Share

The push for change across our Nation began long before the President made it a household mantra.  The economy has been in a changing pattern for years.  People have been increasingly beginning to gear their lifestyles away from the fast paced, competitive lives we have created and going back to ...
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Grow Your Own Food

With the economy the way that it is, many people have growing concerns about keeping the food on the table. More and more families are visiting food banks and food pantries just to get by day to day. This is an extremely uncomfortable and stressful way to live and in ...
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Big Week At The JTRA

We had an eventful week at JTRA, New Orleans’ largest food bank.   With the unemployment lines rising,  the lines at the food bank are steadily increasing.  JTRA (www.JTRA.org) will distribute 3 million pounds of food this year which is the equivalent to over an 18 wheeler a week.  Sadly, we ...
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Interesting Article

Check out this interesting article I found while browsing around on the internet.  I am not even quite sure how I got to it but I did and it describes this group of women in the Appalachian area that all work together and plan very carefully all these ways to ...
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Hungry in America

Food banks all over the country are being hit with a huge increase in needy, hungry people and the food banks are feeling the pressure.  Luckily, there are a lot of great organizations out there and people that are devoting their time and money to food banks knowing that this ...
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Where Is The Bailout For The Food Banks?

Isn't it amazing that while the government is handing out money hand over fist to the car companies and the big dollar corporations that have all gotten themselves into trouble, yet I don't hear the words "bailout" and "food banks" in the same sentence?  How does our government justify that?  ...
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ever wonder about St. Patrick's Day?  Unless you are one of the very Irish people around, you may not even know what the whole St. Patrick's Day thing is all about.  Many people tend to think Irish, shamrocks, green beer...what more is there?  Well, I will tell you.  Saint Patrick ...
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Pets Need Food Banks Too!

We know the Country is in a sad state of affairs when people can't even afford to feed their pets anymore but that seems to be the case more and more.  Pet food banks are popping up around the Country to help allow people to feed their pets in hopes ...
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New Orleans Is Bringing The Chickens Back

Chickens have always been a fairly common thing to see around the New Orleans area but many were lost with everything else in Hurricane Katrina.  Thankfully, chickens are making a comeback.  Many people in the New Orleans area are beginning to replenish the chickens so provide a healthy choice for ...
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Dairy Farmers In Trouble

Farmers have been known to go through many hard times.  More so than a lot of the rest of us.  As an industry, farming has a great number of hardships that can affect them and many that they have zero control over like the weather.  Farming has suffered from droughts, ...
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